Sunday, July 17, 2011

So this is kind of late,

but I totally wrote a guest blog over at this wonderful, awesome place, and if you happen to be poking around in that corner of the internet, take a look. Leave a comment. Buy a shirt.

Also in this post, THIS BOOK! which I wrote and published for YOOOUUUU! It says so, right there in the dedication. Yes you. Holding onto the mouse!

So buy it, give me money, and I will keep busily lying to you like I have this past week.

Speaking of lies, and it's a short one today, but around the fourth of July a fellow waltzed into the toy store I own... well, work at, and asked if we had model rocket engines.

On the fourth of July. Model rocket engines. I wanted to ask for his address so I could stay far, far away from that house forever, but that wouldn't have been socially acceptable. So I spent the evening cowering under my bed (which is kind of impressive, considering that my mattress is on the floor) and HOPING that he didn't live next door to me. He didn't, and I made it through the night alive, although lacking any faith in humanity I had managed to grow since the mascot incident, which is on my tumblr, so you don't know about it because I STILL haven't migrated those stories over to here. Next week. I promise.

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